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Young Lady So Beautiful

These are three of the Young Lady So Beautiful Dolls, 1996, by Playmate Toys, 15.5 in. There are seven of them, all wearing evening gowns, but with different hair and eye colors.Young Lady So Beautiful The box advertised each one to the child as, “She’s exquisitely elegant … the very picture of the young lady you’ll become.” I made the outfit for the doll in the middle.dv005

Joey and Lacy

Joey, 6.75 in., and Lacey, 6.5 in., plus their 2 in. baby are from the 1995 Mattel series, Family Corners. The series consists of five females and five males, representing four races. Joey and Lacy are Hispanic with molded-on shoes and six jointed limbs. Lacey is packaged with a wedding gown, casual outfit, and cardboard house with four room scenes. Joey has a casual outfit, tuxedo, baby, and cardboard chapel and nursery scene.

Joey and Lacey - Family Corners


Wedding Day

This doll, Wedding Day, is from the 1993 Special Moments Collection by Effanbee. She is 11.5 in. with five joints and set-in glass like eyes. She is marked with the doll designer’s name, Beverly Stoehr. This collection celebrates special moments in life and is designed with care to be a keepsake.

Wedding Day

Wild Styles

Wild Styles by Tiger Toys, 1990, is a series of three 17 in. girls described as fashion hipsters. Radonna and Coolissa each have five fashion pieces that can be mixed and matched. They are described as “Twistable, Scrunchable, Mix N’ Matchable.”

Wild Styles


This 7 in. vinyl Kewpie, 1991 by Jesco, wears her original outfit. She has five joints and is shown with an extra outfit. Kewpies made their first appearance in the Dec. 1909 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal. Illustrator Rose O’Neill created their drawings, stories, and poems. Most early Kewpies were bisque or celluloid. By 1913 they had composition heads and cloth bodies. Their name was derived from Cupids, the winged babies from Roman mythology.Kewpie


Pansy, Daisy, and Sarah Jane

Pansy, on the left, and Daisy, 17 in., 1996 by Daisy Kingdom, Inc., were sold via a coupon in Simplicity Patterns. Made of hard vinyl with embossed hair and painted features, they came without an outfit, only underwear. Simplicity had a series of Daisy Kingdom patterns for little girls that also included the same pattern in doll size. I made Daisy’s romper. In front is 15.5 in. Sarah Jane, a Victorian doll with head, arms, and legs of vinyl and a soft, stuffed body. I made her dress from the Simplicity pattern.

Pansy and Daisy


Wearing her original maternity dress, this unusual doll is made to portray pregnancy. Karen, 12 in., 1992 by Raffoler, Ltd., has two stomach covers, one rounded and one flat. There is a 2.5 in. baby that fits inside.


Sailor Moon

In 1992 an 11 in. fashion doll, Sailor Moon, was produced by Bandai in Japan. Based on an animated TV series and a monthly comic magazine for girls, she was to become the most successful doll in Japan. In late 1995 Bandi America produced the US edition of Sailor Moon. The line was expanded to include friends, pets, and accessories.

Sailor Moon

Baby Face – Sweet and Playful

Baby Face dolls, 13.5 in. by Galoob, 1990, have surprising facial expressions. They have jointed elbows and knees, set-in eyes, and can stand by themselves. Their outfits are especially cute and they beg to be played with. On the left is So Sweet Sandi; on the right is So Playful Penny.