Dress-up Dolls

In the 1980s, 8 in. Dress-up Dolls of vinyl and plastic with rooted hair, made in Hong Kong, were sold in the USA. As shown in the background package, they sold for only 97 cents! I made the outfits for these two.

Dress-up Dolls

Candy, 1988

This is 11.5 in. Candy, a 1988 Creata fashion doll reflecting a “New-Age” attitude. She can wear the clothes of Barbie and Maxie but would she want to? There are two other Today’s Girls, Cookie and Trish. Exciting fashions and career goals make up their world.


Day By Day Collection, 1980

The Day By Day Collection, 1980 by Effanbee, were 11 in. girls with sleep eyes and rooted hair. They were based on a nursery rhyme about the day of the week when one is born. This one is for Monday, “Monday’s child is fair of face.” She is in her original outfit with mirror.


Tara Triplets

These 3 in. five-jointed Tara Triplets in an unusual triplet stroller were made by A.B.C., 1989-1990. They are made of plastic and vinyl with molded diapers and shirts.

Tara Triplets

Sylvanian Families, 1985

Sylvanian Families, 1985 by Tomy Toys, are 1.75 to 4.0 in. jointed animals made of flocked vinyl. Shown here is their box with examples posed outside. They come with removable outfits and a house with many available pieces of furniture.

Sylvanian Families