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Little Debutante Bride

Little Debutante Bride

This 1958 14 in. Little Debutante Bride by Eegee was found with clipped hair, a ragged outfit, and a stain on her face. I used acne cream to remove the stain, placing her in sunlight and reapplying cream until the spot disappeared. Before inserting metal earrings into soft vinyl, coat them with nail polish to avoid staining.


Kokeshi Dolls

Wooden DollThis is a collection of Kokeshi dolls made in Japan from lathe turned wood. The head is on a dowel inserted loosely into the body such that it nods when moved. They are brilliantly painted and more of an ornament than a toy. Sizes vary from 3.5 to 9 in. Some date from the 1950’s.

Tyrolean Couple Dolls

Wooden DollA 2.25 in. wooden Tyrolean couple can be seen inside this house plaque. They were originally made to be a lapel pin and hung together on a chain attached to a safety pin. Their arms and legs are peg jointed. The house (circa 1950) is marked, “This Plaque is a Genuine Hand Carved Item made in the Italian Alps.”

Dolls of All Nations

The Duchess Doll Corp. made small composition and hard plastic dolls, 1948-1960s.Dolls of All Nations  Here is one of the dressed for display as a Brazilian dancer. Also  shown is another undressed Duchess doll with mohair wig, sleep eyes, and molded-painted shoes. These 7 in. hard plastic dolls were made with one piece bodies and legs.


Claymation Figures and Snoopy and Woodstock

The 3 in. bendable vinyl claymation figures,by Prema Toy Co., date from the late 1950’s. The ones shown include Blockhead (orange),  Gumby (green), Pokey (orange), Minga (rose), Prickle (yellow), and Goo (blue). In the background we have 5 in. Snoopy (1958) and 2 in. Woodstock (1965), both by United Feature Synd., Knickerbocker Toy Co. Woodstock is a fictional character in Charles M. Schulz‘s comic strip Peanuts. He is Snoopy‘s closest friend and, after Snoopy, the most recognized non-human in the strip. Snoopy is soft vinyl with jointed neck, arms, and legs whereas Woodstock is hard vinyl. They came with a kit of sports accessories, such as the tennis rackets etc shown.



Hedgehog Dolls

Besides trolls from Scandanavia, hedgehogs from Germany were introduced circa 1950. Some, known as Meckis were made by the German Steiff toy company.  The smaller 4.5 in. all-vinyl Mecki is unmarked. I made the crocheted skirt. The 9.5 in. hiker Mecki, also unmarked, has a vinyl head, felt hands, plastic shoes, and a wired cloth covered body. He carries a plastic Alpine bouquet. The 7 in. dwarf of felt who is looking on was made in Switzerland.

Hedgehog DollHedgehog Doll