The Dixie Diner Playset

The Dixie Diner Playset, Tyco, 1988, 15 x 10 in., plastic, with optional extras, include a counter and three stools that swivel. Doors and windows open and close. Other accessories include the juke box and the booth set. Frankie and Barbara Ann are shown. Other figures include Patty, Bobby, Darla, Peggy Sue, and Dotty. All have magnetic shoes so they can stand.

DV001A_570 The Dixie Diner Playset

DV003 (2)

P. J. Sparkles

P. J. Sparkles, 16 in., 1988 by Mattel, is five-jointed hard vinyl.  Her painted eyes have small sparkles in them. A battery lights up her hair bow, earrings, bracelet, and the heart on her chest.


Jem and Her Rock Band

Jem and her rock band members, 12 in. by Hasbro, 1985-1986, were first seen in a TV cartoon series, Jem and the Holograms. They are all vinyl with eight joints, rooted hair and painted hair.


Real Suntan Secrets

Real Suntan Secrets by Creata, 1988, 11.5 in., has a six-jointed body with bendable legs. When put in the sun her skin tone grows darker in just a few minutes. To restore the light tone, the doll may be placed in a dark location for an hour. She is boxed with a deck chair, sun glasses, brush, and tattoos. The box includes a warning for the doll’s owner to use sunscreen etc.

Real Suntan Secrets