The Littles Dolls

The Littles home, 1980-1983, is 12 in. wide, 18 in. deep, and 20 in. tall. It is made of fiberboard and plastic. There are five rooms in the Victorian style house. The furniture is mainly painted metal. The living room includes a settee with matching chair and footstool and a piano. The bathroom on the roof has a tub with shower, toilet, and lavatory. The patio has a tilt-top table, lamp, and plant.  The kitchen includes a sink-icebox combo and a cook stove; the chairs and drop-leaf table are shown in the next room. The bedroom has a cradle, dresser, “brass” bed, and armoire. The drawers open.

DV030A The Littles Dolls

Fun in the Sun and Sun Dreamer Dolls

These two 11.5 in. fashion dolls reflect the popularity of the California beach scene over recent decades. Fun in the Sun from Kee Bee Toy Stores is jointed with bendable legs. Sun Dreamer, 1987 by Creata, is described as “the California scene teen for the fun life.” Her skin tone is a dark tan. She has extra-long hair, bendable legs, and wears only one earring.

Fun in the Sun Doll

Bubble Buddy

Bubble Buddy Doll

Bubble Buddy, 10 in., was made in Italy and marked “EFFE Italia S.P.A.” He is made of vinyl with open mouth, rooted hair, and jointed head and arms. When his tummy is squeezed he will blow bubbles. A wand and bubble solution was packaged with him.

Bubble Buddy

Mel Appel Dolls

These two 11.5 in. hollow plastic manikins were made by Mel Appel in 1988. These unusual manikins were completely open on the back. The one in the blue suit is still attached to the card along with her stand and shoes. The other doll wears a Barbie bikini.

Mel Appel

Robotech – Matchbox Toys

These Robotech characters by Matchbox Toys, 1986, are based on a science fiction TV series by the same name. It originated as a 1983 Japanese TV series about fighting extraterrestrial invasions. Rick Hunter, 12 in., is an intergalactic fighter pilot; redheaded Lisa Hayes, is first officer of the space fortress; and blonde haired Dana Sterling is leader on the 15th Squadron. Also available were Flight Uniform, Street Clothes, and Fashion Accessories.


Signature 17 Doll

Signature 17 is the name of these 11.5 in. high fashion models, 1989 by Creata. Design originals by Chic and Avanti are represented here along with plastic bottles of signature cologne. The Chic doll wears polka dots and the Avanti doll wears red and blue. There is a third one by Spirt.

Signature 17 Doll

Victorian Ladies

Victorian Ladies by Ideal, 1983, were made in 8 and 12 in. sizes. Made of vinyl with sleep eyes and rooted hair, their white color resembles porcelain. This one is Emma. Six other ladies were in the series.

Victorian Lady Doll