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Toddler, Little Mary Sunshine, Littlest Angel

Toddler, 1961Doll

On the left is an 11 in. Toddler, 1961, made by Effanbee. using their Tiny Tubber head mold. She is all vinyl with sleep eyes and rooted hair. I made her outfit. In the center is Mme. Alexander’s 14 in. Little Mary Sunshine, 1961. The mold for this doll was first used to make Caroline, styled to resemble the young Kennedy daughter, but it was soon discontinued. Vogue’s 11 in. Littlest Angel 1964 is on the right. Her PJ’s are tagged “Vogue Dolls Made in USA.”

Madame Alexander’s So Big Doll, 1967

Mme. Alexander’s 22 in. So Big, 1967 – 1975, was based on a book by Eloise Wilkins. My daughter Elaine, shown here with her brother, received this doll for Christmas 1970. She still has it along with the little Golden Press book titled, So Big. It has vinyl head and hands, painted eyes, cry voice, and soft stuffed body, dressed in a blue and white checked gingham suit.

Madame Alexandar So Big Doll


1988 Madame Alexander Red Boy

On the wall in the house where I grew up hung a picture of Goya’s Don Manuel Osorio, known as the Red Boy.  It made an impression because the little boy in the fancy red suit was painted with a pet magpie and three cats looking on. Mme. Alexander chose her Alexander-Kin mold to create this 1988 8 in. Red Boy.

Madame Alexander Red BoyBoy-with-Cats-Francisco-de-Goya