1962 Candy Fashion Doll

The large box containing a 1962 Deluxe Reading Candy Fashion Doll plus wardrobe was found at the flea market. Candy is 20 in., all vinyl with jointed elbows and knees. The head is marked “21 HH/K 60”. These dolls were sold only at food markets for $12.98. She came with a wardrobe of four outfits with accessories.

Candy Fashion Doll

1950s Horsman Glamour Doll?

One of my favorite flea market dolls is this 17.5 in. hard vinyl from the late 1950’s. Unmarked, she was wearing a one-piece sun suit with matching skirt. Notice the elbow joints that allow her to twist her arm around so one can see her engagement ring. With this particular face, I would guess it’s a Horsman doll.

1957 Glamour Doll

1957 Glamour Doll

This 18 in. vinyl glamour doll, 1957-1959, is marked VT 18, which stands for the Ideal Toy Co. She is wearing a flower-trimmed gown, nylons, and wrist corsage. She was given to me with a trunk of clothes. I added the wig and earrings.

Glamour Doll

1959 Glamour Doll

The head on this 19 in. fashion doll is marked “14-R”, a mark that was used from 1959 – 1963. Several doll companies used this mark. The “flat” face on this doll can be recognized on others with the same mark. They usually had high heel feet and wore fancy outfits. I made the clothes on this one.

glamour doll

glamour doll

1950s Ballerina Doll

The ballerina tutu of this 20 in. doll marked ”20 H” needs a lot of work. She was very much played with and her ankle has a small split. The multi-jointed ballerina dolls of the late 1950’s could strike a pretty pose.

ballerina doll