Baby Lisa and Lisa Grows Up Dolls

Baby Lisa (9 in.) and Lisa Grows Up

Baby Lisa (9 in.) and Lisa Grows Up (11 in.), 1980 by Effanbee, were sold undressed in a close out sale. They were designed by artist Astri Campbell and are marked Astri on the back. Baby Lisa was designed to represent a three month old. Both are very realistic. I made the outfit for Lisa Grows Up.

Rose Petal Cottage Dollhouse

Rose Petal Cottage dollhouse

Rose Petal Cottage dollhouse by Kenner, is 15 in. high and fashioned like a watering can. It has a working doorbell, mailbox, two pieces of furniture, and steps leading to the top deck where there is a music stand. The spout is topped with a skylight so one can see everything inside.

Rose Petal Cottage dollhouse

Rose Petal Place


The Rose Petal Place collection by Kenner, 1984, included a 6 in. Rose Petal doll, her five friends, and a cottage shaped like a tea pot. The dolls are jointed vinyl with rooted hair and a display stand. All were scented like the flower they represent. Left to right are Lily Fair, Rose Petal, and Iris.

The Heart Family

Heart Family Doll

The Heart Family was produced by Mattel from 1985 to 1990. Mr. and Mrs. Heart, 11.5 and 12 in., were the size of Barbie and Ken. They had three children, grandparents, cousins, neighbor kids, and a dog. Many fashions and play sets were created for them.

Fashions by Me!

Fashions By Me Doll

Fashions by Me, 1982 by Hasbro, is a 13 in. unusual fashion doll. It has a one piece plastic body with cutouts along all sides to tuck in her clothing. Over the years a few cracks appeared in the cutouts but it still works as a no-sew solution to sewing the clothes. It came in a large box with materials, patterns and accessories.

Maxie Doll

Maxie Doll

Maxie, 11.5 in. by Hasbro 1987, was the first in a series of teen age fashion dolls with bendable knees, painted faces and long hair. The idea of creating outfits for them was promoted by a 1989 boxed set of dolls plus 12 basic clothing pieces. Hasbro claimed that these items could be combined to make 101 “Fashion Looks”!