Meckis Doll House

While looking for a home for my 3 in. Meckis, I found this Tudor style dollhouse at the fleamarket. The tag on the Mekis gave the following background. “In an old German fable, the Mecki through craftiness, logic, and shrewdness was able to defeat his natural enemy, the Fox. Even today each Mecki is created by hand with tenderness and care.”

Meckis Doll House

Hedgehog Dolls

Besides trolls from Scandanavia, hedgehogs from Germany were introduced circa 1950. Some, known as Meckis were made by the German Steiff toy company.  The smaller 4.5 in. all-vinyl Mecki is unmarked. I made the crocheted skirt. The 9.5 in. hiker Mecki, also unmarked, has a vinyl head, felt hands, plastic shoes, and a wired cloth covered body. He carries a plastic Alpine bouquet. The 7 in. dwarf of felt who is looking on was made in Switzerland.

Hedgehog DollHedgehog Doll

Baby Girl Troll

The two 10 in. Norfin trolls, one in yellow, the other in purple, are marked 604 on their feet. The third 12 in. doll, 1984-1985, came with a wrist-tag reading Baby Girl. She was made in Denmark by Dam Things Aps. and imported by EFS Marketing Assoc.

Baby Doll Troll