Tyler Wentworth

Tyler Wentworth, 16 in., 1999, with bendable knees, was the creation of the Robert Tonner Doll Co. She came wearing a black one-piece swimsuit along with a pattern for a coat. Included was a portfolio with her personal story as a fashion designer and sketches ofavailable outfits. Robert Tonner was the head designer for Bill Blass and president of the National Institute of American Doll Artist. I made the outfit she’s wearing.

Tyler Wentworth

Gene Marshall’s Red Venus

In 1995 the 15 in. Gene Marshall doll was introduced by Mel Odom. He was the artist who created this beautiful doll and her story. Standing with her book, “Gene Marshall – Girl Star,” she is named Red Venus. She has jointed knees, ball jointed arms, rooted hair and lashes. The book is the story of a doll inspired by the Hollywood stars of the 1940s. Gene resembles one of them, Gene Tierney. This was the doll that started the fashion doll craze of the late 1990s.

Gene Marshall - Red Venus


Jelly, Cake, and Candy

Jelly, Cake, and Candy, 12 in., 1991 by Gotz, are three dolls who are best friends and love sweets. Cake, shown here, has a flexible felt-covered body and vinyl head.Jelly, Cake, and CandyA small storybook about them, written in four languages is included in her box, which also contains an apron, oven mitt, and baking accessories.Jelly, Cake, and Candy