1959 Lissy Doll

This might be my favorite Mme. Alexander doll. It is a 12 in. Lissy, 1959 – 1966, found in her original dress. She has a hard plastic teen-age body, flat feet and glued on wig. It would be fun sewing outfits for her but I could never match the perfection of this two-piece original.

Lissy Doll

1970s Dusty and Darcie Dolls

Dusty, wearing a bright yellow top, was discontinued not long after she was introduced. Kenner’s 1974 12 in. Dusty was a sports figure and could not wear Barbie’s fashions. Kenner tried again and succeeded with 12 in. Darcie. Though she also could not wear Barbie’s clothes, she lasted three years, 1978-1980.


1965 Patty Duke Teen Doll

Patty Duke Teen Doll, 1965, is a 12 in. Horsman with bendable arms and legs, dressed in original pants. She came with a phone and wore a red sweater, but both are missing.  The same doll, but with a different hairstyle, came dressed as Mary Poppins. She also came dressed as Cinderella.

Patty Duke Doll

1966 Horsman Mary Poppins Doll

In the early 1970’s my daughter Elaine went to a birthday party and won this doll as a prize. She was wearing a hand-made dress and there was an H for Horsman on her head. I discovered that she was Mary Poppins, a 12 in. vinyl made in 1966. Later I found an original dress and apron. I made the rest of the outfit shown.

Mary Poppins Doll

Tressy Doll

1963 Tressy Doll

American Character’s answer to Barbie was 12 in. Tressy, 1963-1965, with rigid plastic body and soft vinyl head. She is in an original outfit. A strand of hair “grows” from the top of her head, separate from her other hair.

Tressy Doll