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1920s Blue Eyes Doll

I was unable to find anything about this 1920’s Blue Eyes – The Doll Bag found at a flea market in her original box. She has a 4 in. wooden painted head and upper body with arms strung through the shoulders. A 7 in. cotton bag is attached to the waist. It closes with pull cords at the bottom so one must carry it with the doll upside down. It is from Village Toy Works, Evanston, Illinois.Wooden Doll

Lotte Sievers-Hahn Doll

Wooden DollIn the village of Brockel in the Hamburg region of Germany is the workshop of Lotte Sievers-Hahn, a wood carver.  Originating in 1929, she designed dolls, animals, and nativity scenes that are still carved today by those she trained. Her style featured a minimum number of deft strokes and gouges, working from small lime wood blocks. This 5 in. unmarked 1960’s doll has darning cotton hair, peg-jointed legs, and arms suspended from leather strips. She is shown with my favorite kitty.