My Daughter, Elaine

It is not surprising that today my daughter Elaine knows about the newer dolls as well as the older ones. She has a collection of her own and has added to mine. These two dresses, one on a Barbie type doll, were hand sewn by her.


Furga Dolls: Simona and Odette

Here are three Furga faces. From left to right, 17 in. Simona, 1967, wears a gold tone S pin. Her eyes are stationary and she has ballet hands. Next is a 15.5 in. doll in lavender, very sweet but her name is unknown. On the right, this 16 in. mint Odette was removed from her box to be photographed. She is marked as follows: L. Furga s.p.a. Canneto s/o Italy with “Distributed by Sears, Roebuck & Co.” on the box.

Furga Dolls

1970s Furga Dolls

Here are three Furga dolls from Italy that Sears was selling in the late 1970’s. The 14 in. in the center has sleep eyes, a plastic body and legs, with vinyl arms. The 10 in. doll in red is mint in box. The 9 in. doll with kerchief has painted eyes. All three are in their original clothes.

Furga Dolls

What Dolls Are These?

These dolls are unmarked but you may recognize what dolls they resemble. The 5.5 in. little nurse is a look alike of Betsy Clark. The 10 in. doll with basket reminds one of Holly Hobbie.


1975 Betsy Clark Doll

This is a 1975 Betsy Clark 13 in. Hallmark doll made by Knickerbocker. She has a vinyl head and hands with a stuffed cloth body. Betsy Clark was an illustrator who began with Hallmark in 1962. Her designs have been a popular part of their greeting card line since 1968.

Betsy Clark Doll

1976 Holly Hobbies

The two 6 in. Holly Hobbies are marked KTC 1975. The one with the baby carriage is in her original outfit. The larger 11 in. doll is all vinyl, marked KTC 1975, made by Knickerbocker.

Holly Hobby Doll

Holly Hobby Doll

1970s Holly Hobbie Dolls

These 10 in. Holly Hobbie vinyl dolls by Knickerbocker, 1974, are two of a set of three –  Carrie (on right), Holly (on left), and Amy. They were created around 1970 by an illustrator for the American Greeting Co. whose name was actually, Holly Hobbie. Since that time over 400 Holly Hobbie items have been produced, nearly all marked H. H., H. Hobbie, or Holly Hobbie.

Holly Hobby Doll