1940s John Passa and Marie Quoddy Dolls

Occasionally my Mother and Aunt Sue would visit relatives in Nova Scotia. After one trip in the late 1940’s, Mother brought back this 7 in. couple from New Brunswick. These hand made dolls were dressed in hand woven and hand knitted garments. They were called Friendship dolls. I gave them a home safe from moths in a box frame and consider them a work of art. The little 1939 dog with them came from Mrs. Parker’s shop in East Gloucester, MA. I recently learned that four of these dolls are in a collection at the Tides Institute and Museum in Eastport, ME. They described them as follows.

“JOHN PASSA! MARIE QUODDY! Two of these hand made dolls (man and woman) just came into our collections to join the two already here. In the process, we learned more about their origins. The man was called John Passa and the woman Marie Quoddy. They were made in St. Andrews, New Brunswick solely for the St. Andrews based business, Cottage Craft, by two women (Mary Bryant made the bodies and she and a friend Phoebe Lowrey made the woven and knitted outfits). One of the owners of Cottage Craft painted the faces.”John Passa Marie Quoddy Dolls